Giulia Peyrone’s ‘Progetto Tendi Industriali’ is an ongoing public art project that has been displayed on the historic Ponte Vecchio and Piazza de’ Pitti in Florence, Italy.  The installation was the result of exploring new ways for people to enjoy art safely at a time when galleries and museums were closed. Giulia realized the non-descript coverings of buildings under construction were the perfect canvas for such a public display.
‘Progetto Tendi Industriali’ are Giulia’s largest works to date at 22 x 12 m (72.18 x 39.37 ft) and 15.5 x 12 m (50.85 x 39.37 ft). Derived from the original work, ‘Piazza del Duomo’, it was printed onto standard debris netting and installed by the team at Iniziative Edili S.R.L., a leading restoration construction company in Florence, Italy. Further details will be announced for the future displays of the netting in an exhibition.